Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Intimidation Tactics

So... I thought I was going to be a Road Rage statistic today. Fun, fun, fun!

Those of you in the GTA will be familiar with the 401/DVP interchange. I, from experience, chose the correct lane when I left the 401 to get onto the DVP without having to merge. The merges are pretty clearly marked. I have little to no sympathy for people who insist on waiting until the last moment to merge.

Traffic on the DVP was backed up and moving slowly... as a result, there was a fairly orderly merge going on... each car let a car in front, the next car was let in by the car behind, etc.

Well... I let in a very large truck and then closed up behind it. The minivan that was trying to force its way in behind the truck didn't appreciate that.

How do I know?

Because first the driver laid on the horn. Then he pulled up beside me (fully on the shoulder at this point) and had his passenger call me (and I quote) "Stupid Fucking Bitch". He then pulled in behind me and tailed me (closely) all the way down the DVP. Mirrored my lane changes. I know for sure that this was an intimidation tactic, because at one point I was behind a slow moving truck, doing 70 (in a 90 zone) and inspite of the lanes on either side being clear, this minivan did not pull out and pass... he stayed on my tail. Right until the last moment at my exit (my lane exited before he really wanted to, but he waited until he actually had to cross solid lines at the bull-nose to change lanes.

I speculated to my friend (male) at lunch that if they had seen a male driver I have little doubt that retaliation would have been to swiftly pass and cut me off and that would have been the end of it... but because they saw a woman they resorted to the kind of intimidation tactics used by stalkers and rapists. Nice, no?

Too bad I couldn't get a plate number.