Sunday, January 25, 2009

I could have done without that...

Yesterday was definitely an "I could have done without that" kind of day.

I could have done without getting up at 5 a.m.... but I had to shower and figured out what I'm allowed to eat for breakfast in time to be out the door before 7 for the drive to Brantford

I could have done without it being so damn cold. I've really had enough of this winter thing... I mean, the snow can be pretty to look at in a general way, but enough is enough! ;)

I could have done without getting shot in the crotch at the paintball Young Gunz event. I think D might be starting to worry about my luck *laugh* Just one more reason to be happy I'm not a guy, I guess ;)

I could have done without the first accident we saw on the way home... traffic was backed up on the 403... looks like someone failed to consider the weight and required stopping distance of the vehicle(s) behind them when the made the decision to brake or bail. Probably about 7 cars involved.

I REALLY could have done without the second accident. the 403 was actually closed in Ancaster 'cuz of it. Took us close to an hour to go one exit, and then there was no avoiding seeing the aftermath when we were trying to exit... bits of car everywhere (and I mean bits and everywhere)... and there, in the middle of the highway... the proof that it was a fatal crash. Wrapped in white, laid on a black bag, strapped to a gurney... and just left there. Hardly respectful treatment of the dead. Why not move them to whatever vehicle the gurney came out of?

I could have done without the last minute notice that I was driving Dad somewhere in the exact opposite direction of where I had planned on going... but I did it. Just meant that dinner was delayed a half hour *shrug*

And I could have done without a 3rd night running of strange dreams... although it's probably an improvement over the week preceding them where I know I slept, but sure didn't feel like it. *shrug*

So... today will be a day with no "I could have done without that" moments! I have decided. It will be so! I got all those moments for the week out of way at once! Of course, the fact that my plans for the day include surfing, playing with the cats, and not leaving the house at all, that shouldn't be hard *laugh*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This'll be a long one.....

I'd like to thank the folks who responded to my last post... thank you for your kind words, and I will do my best to work on my self-esteem and tunnel vision ;)

Now... on to updates!

Still no job. That one I mentioned to some of you that I was kind of excited about has been staffed. No interview. *shrug* Severance is running out next week, so that's a bit stressful. But, I've applied for a job with the company D works for. Not my dream job by any stretch of the imagination, but the pay would be better than EI, and the benefits package is decent... and I have an 'in' since D is held in pretty high regard... so here's hoping.

I'm taking the plunge... no, not that plunge (took that one already ;) )... I'm signing onto the WeightWatchers bandwagon. I'm tired of being a whale. I just hope it works. It'll be a long road... so any spare will-power you've got lying around, I'll happily give a new home to! *laugh*

Paintball. Ah yes... paintball. D and I played again last Friday night. I suck at this game *laugh* But I'm having a blast with it, and with the guys on D's team. I think D is starting to have a few concerns about my luck, though... so far I've collected:
- 1 knuckle shot (apparently one of the really bad ones... this was my first hit)
- 1 hip shot
- 1 straight-on shot in the butt... after I was already out, and thanks to one of the people on my own darn team!
- 1 shot to the upper arm (which left a nice 2" diameter bruise... pretty colours)... that one hit right where a few muscle groups come together, so it hurt like a mo-fo... the paint went through 2 layers of clothing, too... not so good.
- 1 bounce shot to the collar bone. I'm told bounces hurt more... which makes sense when you consider the physics of it. THAT one REALLY hurt
- 2 shots at close range to the back... again after I was already out... and from someone on my own team. I'm guessing it was from the captain for the game... who falls firmly in the "lead from behind" camp. He actually bitched at myself and another newbie "you have to move up, you can't just stay back here"... said from BEHIND us. Asshat. We understand the theory, but come on... NEWBIES! And girls, to boot.

I've been told that I need some armor of some kind for the torso... 'cuz as a girl I oddly enough have girl parts *laugh* D's team-mates take good care of me :)

So the team has a sponsorship from the company that makes the markers they prefer and the company that distributes them. One of the guys with the distribution company posted on the forums last week that he had a research assignment for which he'd "pay" with one of his personal paintball markers. I, being one of the few folks on the board with no equipment, jumped at the chance... spent a few days (because I got the assignment Thursday afternoon and had to have it to him before Monday morning... and we played Friday night) digging through websites getting the info... and now have a marker and reloader on their way to me :) A barely used BT-4 Banshee with Reloader II hopper... one trip out and only about 500 balls through it. Should arrive next Wednesday :) And one of the guys on the team is giving me a pod belt. So I've got the basic gear (or will by the end of next week)... marker, mask, means of carrying additional paint. Now if only I could actually PLAY *laugh*

Not much else going on, really... which is probably good, because this entry is long enough already! Thanks for hanging in, if you made it this far :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

A challenge to my readers... all 3 of you *laugh*

ok, ok... there might be more than 3 of you.

Anyway, chatting with a few people over the past few days, and it being the New Year and a season for improvement and change, I thought I'd challenge the folks who read here.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leave me a comment telling me how you feel about me. Good, bad, indifferent. BUT... there's a catch... any criticism must be constructive and couched in diplomatic terms. None of these lazy-ass insults... you've got to phrase it in a way that I won't automatically tune out.

What do I hope to achieve here? Well, a few things. I hope to learn what I'm doing right and not-so-right in my life/relationships/writing/whatever. I hope to learn what people really think about me. And I hope to challenge the people who give a rats ass to find diplomatic ways to express the less savoury thoughts they have to share.

For example:
"You're depressing to be around and thrive on misery"... not constructive, not diplomatic, and really not worth my time to consider.
"You've got a wicked sense of humour and should try to show it to more people more often"... highlights the positive, but encourages personal development.

Of course, I'll welcome purely positive responses, too *laugh*

Reply with your blogger profile... or reply anonymously if you feel more comfortable...

The challenge has been issued... who will rise to the occasion?