Sunday, February 1, 2009

A new addiction is born...

So... 6 months ago if you'd asked me if I wanted anything to do with anything even remotely connected to paintball I'd have laughed like a mad woman and promptly said "no. nuh-uh. no how. no way."

But... you'll remember back at the end of the year I blogged that I was not only associating with paintballers, but was going to take the field.

Well... not only have I taken the field a few times, and collected some hits that D tells me are "among the worst there are" and lived to tell the tale ;) ... but I think I have developed a new addiction.

Ok... so I suck at the game... there's always a chance I might improve *laugh* I have a blast when I'm at the field, even though I can't play worth crap.

And... in the space of less than a week not one, but two markers have come into my possession... both as awesome deals. For those of you familiar with the terminology, or bored to tears and looking for something to google, I'll tell you a bit about them :)

First, on Thursday (a day late, thank you UPS) arrived a BT-4 Banshee (woodgrain edition). It's pretty. Solid stock in woodgrain... AK-47 style barrel & barrel shroud with woodgrain fore-grip... it's in good shape, and rare (and discontinued), so it qualifies as a collector's item, too ;) Also came with an Empire re-loader II... an e-assisted loading system that 'hears' a ball being fired, and feeds the next one into the chamber (as opposed to a gravity feed hopper... where you can end up with two balls trying to get down the feedneck at the same time, essentially jamming it and meaning that you're not actually firing anything)

And last night I took delivery of another new toy :) One of D's teammates was selling a marker to raise funds to buy a new toy of his own... and I'm glad we could help him out. He gave me an awesome deal and I can't wait to use it... a 5-month-old BT-4 Delta... polished internals (an efficiency improvement)... plus 12" lapco apex-ready barrel & Apex tip. Not as fancy schmancy as D's Delta with its upgrades, but a pretty fancy barrel & tip that does neat tricks *laugh* Can't wait to try 'er out!

So... never say never, I guess.